In our never-ending search for flavor, not labor, we have long searched for a replacement to the borg, Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso.
Many have been tried. Few have made the grade. Some that have made that grade:

Kitten Coffee - Brooklyn 

Troubadour Coffee Roasters - Cleveland

About Swamp Slurry

There is much about espresso that is incorrect or misleading.  

While running a Brooklyn cafe after Hurricane Sandy without enough power to run the large electric espresso machine, we came across a manual espresso machine, the ROK,  that beats out all but the most expensive alternatives. 
We fiddled with it till we got a shot worthy of recognition.

Our espresso extract will leave those chain poseurs in the dust.  Never again will you walk into  a S*******s or a D****n D****s and expect to be satisfied.

Buy : In Brooklyn, get 4 oz or 16 oz of this elixer of the morning gods. Enjoy, at home or office, hand drawn Espresso extract.  Order here : swampslurry.bigcartel.com.

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