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Swamp Slurry Style Paleo Espresso

All of the Flavour and none of the Labor

You can stop by Brooklyn Colony (4th and Garfield)  during the NYC Marathon or during the Gowanus Holiday Marketplace on December 17/18.

Or  you can order online :

Stay tuned for the visiting espressos.


There is much about espresso that is incorrect or misleading.  

While running a Brooklyn cafe after Hurricane Sandy without enough power to run the large electric espresso machine, we came across a manual espresso machine, the ROK,  that beats out all but the most expensive alternatives. 
We fiddled with it till we got a shot worthy of recognition.

Our espresso extract will leave those chain poseurs in the dust.  Never again will you walk into  a S*******s or a D****n D****s and expect to be satisfied.

Now you can, in Brooklyn, get 4 oz or 16 oz of this elixer of the morning gods. Enjoy, at home or office, hand drawn Espresso extract.

Order here :