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Swamp Slurry Style Paleo Espresso

All of the Flavour and none of the Labor

You can stop by Brooklyn Colony (4th and Garfield).  Hours vary so email us in advance if you can at .

Or  you can order online :

Stay tuned for the visiting espressos.

Visiting Espresso Team Alert ...

The Beer and Whisky League Marketplace @ Brooklyn Colony seeks to highlight roll-up-their-sleeve roasted espressos from Brooklyn to Kansas City and from Boston to Louisville.

The Beer and Whisky League Marketplace ( is a food and retail spot in Brooklyn New York that highlights the best of the cities that used to make up the American Association, aka the Beer and Whisky League, the source of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals.

The Marketplace is looking for popup locations where we will serve up our house espresso and a visiting espresso to customers. 

We will also be highlighting the visiting espresso at a the weekly food event, Gowanus Grub (, where New Yorkers can taste your elixer done the manual way.

If your roastery hails from the cities mentioned on the left of this site and you want to take a crack as a visiting espresso, here is how we roll*.

  • Email us at .
  • We will schedule a convenient time (such that we are not swamped with too many types of espressos to handle) for you to send us 2lbs of your espresso.  
  • Our technician first calibrate the flavor profile as it tends to vary with the roast.  
  • The rest will be used for staff and some customers to sample.  
  • If the reviews warrant it we will contact you and schedule a week to highlight your visiting espresso.  
  • You need to make sure that, by a date we specify, we have 12 lbs of your best stuff. 
  • Those 12 lbs will be used on a Friday to Thursday basis in the rotation and also at that week's Gowanus Grub.
  • We will have evaluation sheets and comment cards available for people to let you know what they think.  Those cards will be forwarded to you at the end of the week.
  • We will also happily have your cards available so that these customers can, if they wish, order from you directly.

You risk 2 lbs initially and  possibly 12 lbs later and you can get a highlighted week at the Beer and Whisky Marketplace and Gowanus Grub with feedback and, hopefully, some good press, vibes and customers.

*=We are open to other cities but, hey, it's the Beer and Whiskey League Marketplace so those cities get our focus.


There is much about espresso that is incorrect or misleading.  While running a Brooklyn cafe after Hurricane Sandy without enough power to run the large electric espresso machine, we came across a manual espresso machine, the ROK,  that beats out all but the most expensive alternatives. 
We fiddled with it till we got a shot worthy of recognition.

Our espresso extract will leave those chain poseurs in the dust.  Never again will you walk into  a S*******s or a D****n D****s and expect to be satisfied.

Now you can, in Brooklyn, get 4 oz or 16 oz of this elixer of the morning gods. Enjoy, at home or office, hand drawn Espresso extract.

Or stop by and grab a jar of goodness at Brooklyn Colony (4th Avenue and Garfield).

Order here :

Although it took months for us to develop a procedure for making the perfect shot, we can, if you have the time and inclination, train you on your own ROK in just 90 minutes.  Order the classes (and the ROK)  here :

Visiting Espressos

Do you hail from a Beer and Whisky League city*?
Do you roast an exquisite espresso?
Do you want feedback from one of the most coffee fluent populations around?
Do you want to expand your market?
If so email us at .

*=We are open to other cities but, hey, its the Beer and Whiskey League Marketplace so those cities get our focus.

Primary visiting cities...

The cities:   Boston, New_York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Pittsburgh, 
Louisville, Syracuse, Rochester, Cleveland, 
Columbus, Cincinatti, Toledo, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, 
St._Louis, Kansas_City,  Chicago (honorary)