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Signs of the coffee-pocalypse... -

There are always warning signs before an earthquake. People don't often perceive the warning signs but anecdotal evidence suggests that animals often get a sense in advance that something is wrong.

Only after the fact do humans initiate a post-mortem to see the signs that were available.

In 2000, the Brooklyn Lyceum (a Gowanus theater/ gym /cafe outside the then reaches of gentrification, Park Slope, and safety) had a coffee shop. There was not much to it, just some grind in packets, not even beans, from a local roaster, Farinon, on Dean Street near 5th Avenue. The beans were fine for what was presented at the Lyceum cafe, a cup of joe.

The customers ranged the full gamut, stockbrokers to electricians to lawyers to artists to musicians to housewives to to actors to teachers.

In casual conversation with the roaster, we learned that Farinon supplied some high-end shops in Manhattan and did a booming business in the Berkshires.

Brooklyn, not so much.  We asked why and the grumbled response was "Brooklyn knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."

Some 15 years later, Brooklyn has come full circle.

Now home to the priciest of micro-artisanal-organic options, Brooklyn may see a culling of more coffees than existed in Brooklyn in 2000. Many roasters will remain, but the quality will be ever on the rise. It is that kind of world today.

In the end, the culling will weed out many coffee proprietors just going through the motions.

Here is how we see it playing out.

Espresso String Theory
Origin of the universe complicated! - What makes or breaks an espresso shot? - MORE
String Theory:Primer -

In the never ending quest to understand the basic fundamentals of the universe, something called String Theory popped up decades ago.

Just as we experience a three dimensional reality of width-X-height-X-depth with a 4th dimension of time  added,  a height-X-width-X-depth-X-time, so it is theorized that there are 7 more  dimensions making a :

No matter how much of a headache you get attempting to understand this (as all physicists get), you can feel the complexity of such a system, a complexity that is approximated by Espresso.

Next we deal with 11 Espresso dimensions.

When we get done you should appreciate what SwampSlurry provides, a reduction of that complexity to a stellar product for your home, business or event.

Just the facts, Please.
Learn from coffee industry mistakes! - Simple rules to steller Espresso
Things we know... -

Many variables must be continuously monitored and  controlled to ensure a great shot.

One thing we learned is that the failure along the lines of any one variable results in shots of espresso that are just meh and require much sweetener and much dilution (milk/water) to correct for the failure of that one variable.

In the end, we realized that a consistently pulled shot, when frozen immediately and counter to prevailing theory, allows for a tremendous taste to be more consistently provided.

The variables (at least the ones we are willing to tell you) we seek to control:

  1. Good beans
  2. Two shot volume of espresso beans. 
  3. Grind such that clumping occurs but quickly collapses after clumping.
  4. Consistent hot water temperature.
  5. Seconds after contact with water without pressure (ensures that the top layer is evenly saturated)...
  6. push through for a double shot into a 2 oz jar.

That is all there is to it, save for the experienced eye to tune the process almost shot to shot.

By our estimate, a hundred hours of pulling shots this way will make you a pro. 

This process also solves the pull time problem for a coffee shop who is swamped with business.

Simply queue up some of these frozen jars a few minutes in advance in hot water and you can just unscrew the cap and combine the espresso elixer with 200  degred +/-  hot water and have an Americano as quick as pouring a cup of coffee.

Our way is likely to produce a better Americanos and better latte than your machine / barista  combo will.

Note that the espresso shots are still better done by your staff as the crema is not preserved with this method, although the taste is.

A Better Mousetrap - When technology is overkill.... - MORE

SwampSlurry, a focused attack on the production, presentation and selling of espresso as Americano, as Latte, as Cappuccino, as Ice Cream and with with Chocolate.

Espressos are like fine wine with an almost infinite set of variations. Each and every fine roast has a complexity and depth that is uncommonly difficult to hone in on.

SwampSlurry will eventually have a wide variety of roaster beans ground and pulled and immediately quick frozen to lock in better flavor than all but the savviest baristas can produce with their golden anchor of an espresso machine.

This should be interesting.

Some things to note.

  • We will be producing our product in two locations to start:
    • ---A commercial kitchen in Maine.
    • ---Our super-secret off the grid as much as possible locale in NYC where we seek to generate all the power we will use without a hookup to Con-Ed.
  • We will be on the road, so to speak, at markets and such till we open a Brick and Mortar location (East Coast).
  • Roaster names will be anonymous to the public identified only with a three digit number, some basic roast info and highlight descriptors.
  • Our outreach on the road will collect, collate and summarize customer feedback for each roaster who is officially part of the process/program.
  • We plan to to offer retail delivery in NYC, Philly and Boston.
  • We plan to send finished product to roasters/cafes for use at their facilities or for them to sell themselves.
  • We plan to send finished product (single roasters and variety packs) nationwide.
  • We plan to offer up a spot on our off-the-grid roastery for select roasters. Imagine a completely green roasting process!
When it becomes obvious we can do more with less... - We should, Dammit. Talk to us about our upcoming Green Roastery!
Carbon Neutral Roasting? -

If we host one of your roasts, consider pop-up, off the grid, roasting with us.

One-eth by sun...
Two-eth by water...
Three-eth by wind...

A holy trinity of energy.

MORE INFO: When we close the deal.

Blockchain: Coin of the Realm
Reducing money friction since ... - Putting choice back into the equation. - MORE
Everyone is doing it, but no one is getting it right! -

Blockchain is the freedom from overly centralized authority with all the risks and benefits that may entail.

With a proper implementation of BlockChain, the ease of moving small amounts of money should become almost painless.

By painless, we mean the fees go as little as possible into the non-local financing corp's hands.

In physics terms, we want to reduce the coefficient of friction for moving money.

In more simple terms, once you get the transfer of money (value) ball rolling, it moves along with less effort than it took to get it rolling.

Stealth Roasts
We do the labor ... pushing roaster flavor! - marketing espresso is a tasty job ... someone has to do it. - MORE
TLDR / Summary -

Swaslu samples/markets Stealth Roast Americanos (and, on occasion, other espresso based drinks) using espresso roasts anonymously at events ... and collects up unbiased reviews and comments.

Swaslu collates the results and creates a database of anonymous taste preference information.

You, the tasting public, get to sample espresso roasts without any of the hype, just the product.

Americanos (and espresso based drinks) will rule the world!

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