SwampSlurry Frozen Espresso Project

I agree to and understand the following:
  • SwampSlurry will process 5lbs of our unground espresso roast.
  • 1-lb will be processed/returned as samples of frozen SwampSlurry espresso & ice cream.
  • The 5-lbs to be shipped to SwampSlurry within 10 days of request by SwampSlurry.
  • Failure to ship the 5-lbs within 10 days of request will result in a delay in processing/reporting/sanpling.
  • All beans sent to SwampSlurry for review will be roasted no less than 3 days prior to shipping.
  • Failure to timely ship freshly roasted beans may impact the report as well as the quality of the sample.
  • The non-refundable fee will be collected by a payment processor immediately upon the submission of this form.
  • Submission for review/processing by SwampSlurry is not complete prior to receipt of payment.