Gowanus: 4th & President

A Gowanus Crossroads and a Brooklyn Nexus
What along , strange trip it has been ...
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Up the stairs to the right...

4th and President is a crossroads of old and new in Gowanus and Brooklyn.

Historic (and just plain old) buildings are met at the borders of the blocks by a wall of 12 story buildings lining the eventual canyon of 4th Avenue.

One holdout is Public Bath #7 (aka The Brooklyn Lyceum).

The Lyceum is currently a gym but will, in the not too distant future, return to the central town square role it held for nearly two decades.

In the photo and up the steps is the tiny portion of the Lyceum that will hold SwampSlurry when they set up camp and begin serving the commuters like the old Lyceum cafe did for so long.

As soon as SwampSlurry holds court, it will prepare to be joined by Pizza, Ice Cream and Beer.

Stay tuned as we learn how soon we will set up permanent camp.