On the road again ...

Popping up all over the place ?
Practice probably makes perfect, but necessity is the mother of invention!
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A little background.

In investigating for some pretty successful markets in the Brooklyn market boom from 2008-2014 (some with 100+ vendors), we became, well, obsessive over understanding what went into some of the foodstuffs that were around.

From the seminal bacon marmalade to ramp butter to, oh my, the cheeses to many new school purveyors of jam to ice cream, the rejection was quite profound of the mass-produced, least cost, whatever degrading quality of product you can get by on by brand name alone as the brand devolves in order to keep feeding the stockholders a quarterly dividend product.

Brooklyn had arrived, again, on cue in a nearly 50-year cycle. She arrived on the backs of a renewed attention to detail, an artisanal attention.

What part will we play in the new Brooklyn, or, for that matter, the new everywhere thrust upon us?

We start with espresso, that product we never had in our markets because we had, in addition to the occasional markets, a fulltime coffee shop.

We used a local roaster, Farinon.

We used Cafe Darte of Seattle.

We used Raos of Mass.

We used La Colombe.

We used Lavazza.

We used Intelligentsia

Practice probably makes perfect, but necessity is the mother of invention!
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The ROK changed everything

But, it wasn't till we got the "ROK" that we became one with what espresso could be, as opposed to its more common, albeit sometimes tasty, manifestations.

While we await our brick and mortar Gowanus, Brooklyn location to rise from the swamp, we are hitting the road.

Wherever we pop up, we will serve up shots of one of our favorite.

We will have a stock of pre-drawn and flash frozen/refrigerated double shots from a variety of roasters done and eyeballed directly by us on the ROK.

We will sample till we can't sample no more.

We want you to value espresso in a better way.

We will also sample tasty complements to the espresso from a variety of like-minded purveyors.

We want you to have us do the labor to provide you the flavor.

Try us out. You might be pleasantly surprised.