ROK Process

A feat of engineering!
Head and shoulders above the other manual espresso machines!
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Good setup.

A decent burr grinder, a source of hot water and the ROK make for a good start.

This is doable but a management nightmare as the water temp will be hard to manage.

P.S. We gave up on Intelligentsia when they were acquired by the behemoth corporation.

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Better setup

Got a thermometer and an electric airpot. 

Much easier to maintain 200+/- degrees for a more consistent product.

This and a good freezer will free you up from the expensive metal anchor espresso machine in a pinch or on the road.

Imagine a wedding where the coffee is stellar or a market where you can do some real volume.

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Best Setup

Professional grade grinder and a few other bells and whistles that will remain our trade secret. 

Rest assured that, unlike some large roaster "espresso" drinks that are just brewed, we pull every single shot ourselves. 

We can't fathom how anything can have the word espresso in it and can be, essentially, just cold brewed coffee.