Roaster Quest

Seeking quality and variety from a veritable sea of roasters.
Where nuance (and not sour/bitter/over-roasting) is King!!
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SwampSlurry is seeking a Lead Espresso Roaster (LER) and Rotating Alternative Roasters(RAR) for our possible future Park Slope / Gowanus Espresso location and for the Espresso Express Rover(EER).

Feedback from customer surveys through 40+/- road events a year until we solidify on brick and mortar locations.

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The Spot

With one possible prime 4th Avenue location on top of a Park Slope / Gowanus subway stop, SwampSlurry will introduce a variety of espresso roasts to one of the most discerning audiences.

Being on top of a burgeoning subway stop brings foot traffic most places only dream of.

With a roadshow at 40+/- events/markets a year, your roast will see a wide swath of tast testing and commentary.

Learn what the public thinks of your roast from blind taste tests and reviews.

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the EER

Until such time as we open the Brick and Mortar location, we will take our 15 years of Brooklyn coffee shop experience on the road at markets and fairs in several states (ME, MA, NY, NJ, PA, MD) in an onslaught of taste testing, marketing and sales.

Starting as early as December 2018, we seek to roll out the street / roadshow presence in our Espresso Express Rover(EER).

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What will we sell?



Lattes and


Ice creams (especially Espresso based).

Candies and foodstuffs that complement the Espresso drinks.

Coffeee is the elixer of the gods and more is better!

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What is Different?

We practiced long and hard to make espresso without the expensive boat anchor that is any legit espresso machine. Till now, that is. We use the ROK to get at nuanced flavor that the big machines and most cafes and coffee shops can't possibly match. Let us (using the ROK) extract the nuance and flavor of your espresso roasts.

Whether in a crowded indoor market or a spacious street fair or a private function, we will present your roasts for tate testing and review.

Top quality is achieved, whether hand drawn on the spot, on our paleo-espresso ROK(when retail conditions permit) or from flash frozen ROK shots.

More variables are held constant than any boiler based espresso machine / barista combo could hope to match.

The result is a more consistent and higher quality product.

As noted, we will sell it on the spot, sell it by mail and wholesale the finished product back to the roasters/cafes.

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What Roasters get:

All roasters get their product out in a wider range to the public with true feedback on taste and flavor.

How many roasters have the time to get their product out and about for blind reviews?

In addition, SwampSlurry will collect up those reviews and summarize them for you so you can see how your roast does in the wild.

Also, we can be the conduit for your unbranded, save for our code number, coffee to be sold direct to the public, either by jars of espresso pulled by us of your beans or actual beans from you through us with your identity hidden.

Sampling and feedback and wholesale sales (and marketing once we open the brick and mortar).

A possible retail outlet in NYC for your product (after we do the roadshow for a bit).

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What Roasters need to know:

To start, no sense marketing espresso roasts that we can’t turn into a great shot.

That leaves the oily darker ones (usually over-roasted and/or cheap beans) off to the side as they really don’t work well with our sensibilities.

That also leaves the Starborgs-ian burnt-ish roasts out.

We seek Espresso roasts that, when eyeballed personally when pushed through the ROK, produce an espresso elixir worthy of note and have true flavor notes with only hints of bitter or sour to accent, not to dominate.

Other than that, we need to test out your espresso roast.

In order to be part of the process, we need to get some beans to draw live and use after flash frozen and as ice cream.

With that in place, we will hold blind taste tests with patrons at markets and festivals and various retail pop-ups.

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The Process:

Until we open our Brick and Mortar (and maybe beyond), anonymity is the key to true unvarnished feedback to ascertain public response to your roast(s).

Feedback as an anonymous roast will be enlightening, and, in a world of evolving tastes, may be crucial to survival.

Thus, each espresso roast will get a code, something to identify the roast as unique. What roast and roaster that code correlates to will be only known by a select few (think trade secret).

Customers will be presented with, in warm weather, iced americanos, cold lattes and/or espresso ice cream samples, or, in chilly or cold weather, hot americanos, lattes and cappuccinno samples.

We will ask for their opinion, and, if they so choose, inform them on how to get the roast done in either flash frozen or ice cream delivered to them or a location to pick it up at (our brick and mortar(when that is possible) or venues willing to stock the coded product).

They can also purchase the frozen espresso or ice cream on the spot.

Until such the as we open the Brick and Mortar location, no patron will ever know the brand (but you will get feedback against a wide variety of roasters).

The ratings and comparisons of the blind test will be collected, collated, and forwarded to each roaster.

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Our factory:

To start, it looks like we will be utilizing a commercial kitchen in Maine.

Close to the waterfront where life and the coffee trade evolved. That and Portland, Maine, is a cool town.

Eventually, we will have a NYC production facility as well. That one is planned to be off the electric grid entirely.

A labor of love and a necessity for success in an era of unchecked global warming (whether it is caused by humans or not).

Someone has to make it work this way.

Why not us?

And, more importantly, why not you?

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Getting in the Game:

If you want a roast in the mix, we need to get some of it and run it through the paces at our facility.

The fresh draws, flash frozen and ice cream versions will be tasted and reviewed by some trusted connoisseurs.

A half dozen (more or less) will be made available for sampling at a given markets.

The LERs will be presented at each event with larger presence than any of the 5 RARs.

The RARs will rotate such that RARs get a substantively relatively equal presence with other RARs over the course of the year.

We will need a 5lb bag of your espresso roast from you to start and a $300 fee.

We will process the beans into our product mix (while documenting what it took to get the best out of your roasts) and mail back to you frozen and ice cream samples.

We will also send you some notes and commentary on our findings.

The LER will always be available as a live espresso shot in any Brick and Mortar location (save for the last hour before closing).

All RARs will rotate in as a daily alternative live espresso shot in any Brick and Mortar location.

All espressos in rotation will, when we open the Brick and Mortar, be available there (if we have stock) as flash frozen and ice cream.

If you appreciate the quality of the sample and we agree, the RAR cost for being “in rotation” is $2,000. The cost for a LER is $24,000. And, if and when we open up the Park Slope / Gowanus Brick and mortar, the LER will be present (so long as we have stock) for permanent fresh pulls on the ROK as well as frozen and ice cream.

The LER and RAR fees are entirely refundable, with 120 days notice if, and when, either you or we decide to no longer have your roast as LER or RAR.

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We will contact you to schedule a date to ship the beans to us, or, if we are in the area, to pick up the bag.

Welcome to SwampSluury!!!