What SwampSlurry can do for you.
Flavor, not labor.
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Not enough time on your hands?


  • Is your cafe too busy at times?
  • Would your customers prefer a quick americano to a brewed coffee?  Or a latte quickly?
  • Not enough counter Space?
  • Need downtime for espresso machine maintenance?
  • Rather spend your time crafting the milk?
  • Want to pop up at markets to highlight your brand?


  • Have better things to do than source beans, grind beans and clean/fine tune a home-espresso machine?
  • Want a good americano or latte in the morning?
  • Want to have better than Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts?
  • Don't want to get a specialty grinder? 

Flavor, not labor.
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Product quality/consistency a problem?


Grind, temp, tamp, skill, machine issues and skill issues got you down?

No room for enough grinders for roast variety on demand?


Just want a great product without all the voodoo art/science of beans/roasts/time/temp/tamp/grind?

Flavor, not labor.
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Cant get your favorite roast where you live?


Get your finished product out to customers far away, either by drop shipping through SwampSlurry or by having SwampSlurry stock ready to go at your site.


Live far from your favorite roaster?

Want to try out different roasts from across the country?

Flavor, not labor.
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Big event: Need Coffee?


Catering out for a hundred people?  

Too much hassle to bring espresso machines and urns?

Just bring SwampSlurry, hot water and a good frother. 


Need to save money at daughter's wedding whilst not skimping on quality?

Corporate gathering?

Long road trip through coffee desert?

Need your fix while camping?

Want variety without the hassle and commitment?

Flavor, not labor.
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K-Cups are evil?

Recycleable Jars and lids.

'Nuff said.

Flavor, not labor.
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    • $4 for 2oz jar of SwampSlurry Espresso (double shot) or SwampSlurry Espresso Ice Cream. 
    • 10% off 1+ individual jars.
    • 8 pack (single roast or variety pack): $28.
    • 100 - 2oz jars (single roast or variety pack): $300 (10% discount does not apply)  
    • Roast evaluation, report and samples : $300
    • 100 - 2 oz. jars from 5 lbs of your espresso: $225.
    • 18 - 2 oz jars of Espresso Ice Cream from one jar of your espresso: $24
    • Lead Espresso Roast (LER) : $24,000
    • Rotating Espresso Roast (RER): $2,000