Roast Review

How does your roast stack up?
Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Ice Cream
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Espresso is like fine wine...

Complexity and depth make for transcendent tastes so long as you don't use bad beans, over-roast or drown the shot.

We are seeking roasts to review for possible wholesale pre-processing for use in your roastery/coffee shop/cafe, and, possibly, for inclusion in our espresso cellar of sorts brick and mortar locations (first one looks to be in Brooklyn, NY) as well as in our roadshow.

If you want a roast in the mix, we need to get some of it and run it through the paces at our facility.

The fresh draws, flash frozen and ice cream versions will be tasted and reviewed by some trusted connoisseurs.

We will need a 5lb bag of your espresso roast from you to start and a $300 fee. The application form is HERE.

We will dial it in and process the beans in our manual espresso way (while documenting what it took to get the best out of your roast) and mail back to you frozen and ice cream samples.

We will also send you some notes and commentary on our findings.

If you like what we can do with your roast, we hope you will consider us for pre-processing.

If we decide to become a wholesale purchaser of your roast, we will regularly conduct sampling of the roast, collect reviews, collate the results and report back to you what our public thinks of the roast.

In addition, if you appreciate the quality of the sample and we agree and we have a slot available, maybe you can be a permanent fixture in a brick and mortar store as well as our roadshow, both of which will regularly have your roast as well as an ice cream based on the roast available.

For more on being a permanent fixture in a brick and mortar location as well as in the roadshow, more information is available HERE.