when espresso is the need ...
Swaslu provides the speed!
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Waiting since the Permian ...

for a reason to get out of the muck.

Swampslurry (swampslurry.com) is that reason.

Where evolution failed us, your trilobites overlords, science and taste buds lets you nouveau upstart species enjoy life more than we did at the bottom of a mucky ocean eating all we bumped into until we developed the first eyes. Yes, the food tasted so bad we developed these crazy multi-lens eyes to avoid things that like , well, scum.

Think FEED before FIGHT or FLEE.

Born in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when power was at a minimum, the SwampSlurry process extracts the all it can, far more than the local super-barista can hope to pull in a busy shop with far too many variables to manage the process in any meaningful way.

SwampSlury hones in on dozens of roasts, process the roasts into shots and then flash freezes them for later use preserving the vital taste characteristics for later use whether that use is at home, in cafes and restaurants, or on the road at markets and fares.

Swaslu is the roadshow.

Swaslu provides the speed!
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On the road again ...

300 Million year run and still we had no good coffee. 

Especially nothing we could bring to the cozy depths and enjoy at our leisure

Well, with this kind of a wakeup elixer we may yet make a comeback.  Just you wait and see.

Till, then we will be on the road again in style.

Coming in 2019 to swamps and markets near you!